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VELCRO Tape or Hook and Loop ?

The VELCRO ®  brand fasteners we offer are designed to be opened and closed 10,000 times making them ideal for applications that require repetitive use.velcro tape rolls

Our alternative Hook and Loop fastener is made by TEXACRO ® . It is considered to provide a stronger fixing than our standard VELCRO® brand fasteners though is only guaranteed to open & close 1,000 times.

Hook and Loop fasteners by TEXACRO® are cheaper than the fasteners made by VELCRO® and are best suited to applications that do not require continuous openings & closings.

 Next Working Day Delivery (order by 2pm)

All rolls are sold seperately, if you need both sides please ensure that you order both hook and loop.

Hook fastener is the rough, scratchy side, if you look closley you will see lots of little hooks.

Loop fastener is the softer of the two sides, if you look closley you will indeed see lots of little loops.

 Bespoke VELCRO ® Tape Die Cuts

As well as offering all the standard sizes you would expect, we can also convert our hook and loop tapes into bespoke shapes and gaskets. Bespoke VELCRO ® Tape die cuts are available from £250.00 + VAT

Credit account sare offered subject to status & order value (min order value for Trade Credit accounts is £250.00 + VAT)
These orders will be processed by our parent company Lynvale.